6 Handy Things to Pack while Traveling

There are a few useful items I’ve found myself wishing I had packed with me during my travels, especially on international trips lasting more than a few weeks. Some of them I subsequently bought on the road, others I’ve suffered without. Consider bringing these things with you the next time you’re jet setting domestically and beyond.

A large Scarf This is your source of warmth, your pillow, your picnic blanket, and your tote in a crisis. At the very least, you can use it as padding to protect fragile items in your suitcase. If you’re going somewhere warm, bring a lightweight summer scarf to sit on at the beach, and for places below 70 degrees, a wool blend one will work great.

Reusable Tote You’re going to have to carry extra stuff. Groceries, day tripping items, a baguette and several bottles of wine, who knows. Lots of European grocery stores charge extra for plastic bags, and it’s pretty wasteful to accumulate them throughout your trip anyways. The tote can also be your laundry bag to separate out dirty things, or again something to wrap up breakables, and even as overflow luggage if you can’t help but accrue things during your journey. I recommend the free ones you get with department/clothing store purchases or the stronger ones from grocery stores. You won’t be heartbroken if it rips or gets dirty.