Hearts in Havana

Updated: May 17, 2018

Cuba is indescribable, but I’ll have to do my best to write about our experience there. We started our journey at an Airbnb in the Santa Fe neighborhood of west Havana, near Playa Baracoa.

Santa Fe was a mixture of luxury homes dotting the waterfront with humble houses and rubble in between. The atmosphere was laid back with almost entirely locals, but limited access to grocery and restaurants. We stayed in a beautiful house with marbled floors, fine furniture, and a small cottage attached to the garage. We could pull down a wooden ladder and walk the rocky dock path to the salty blue water, clear and cool and private compared to the Baracoa.

The sharp shoreline was quiet, save for the Latin-American music playing from a nearby radio or the clamor of school children and barking dogs. We could walk out to a main drag and pile in to a willing local’s old American car to get around for 5 CUC$ (a big price contrast to the heart of Havana). The people were friendly and accommodating despite the minor language barriers we had to navigate. Overall, Santa Fe was a tranquil and culturally immersive way to start our journey in Havana.