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Buy Thrifted, Stay Lifted

My wardrobe is rapidly becoming more than fifty percent thrifted and vintage. From denim to sweaters to blouses to band t-shirts, I've found some amazing, high quality pieces at the numerous consignment and thrift stores in Milwaukee and beyond. I can't even remember the last time I purchased new clothes online or set foot in a mall for a reason other than seeing a movie. Not only is it cost effective to shop this way, but I’ve found unique, beautiful clothing, and I know that I’m not contributing directly to the fast fashion industry. It’s a pretty exciting rush to find an item being sold at a local store that fits well, is stylish, and is

affordable. Often times these things have never been worn, with original tags still attached.

I’ve dug up amazing wardrobe boosters from stores like Rethreads in Shorewood, which will purchase your clothes for cash or store credit. They have two locations in Madison as well. My other favorites include Goodwill on Oakland (I find multiple items every time), Designer Consignor Boutique in Hartland, and the Divine Consign events. In Texas, I’ve seen great designer finds at The Guild Shop in Houston and in Brooklyn, NY I've picked up odd things everywhere from Beacon’s Closet to vendors on the street.

If you want to inject a little bit of character into your personal style or to change some of your shopping habits for the better, try supporting your local thrift scene!


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