How to dress for cold weather riding

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Sometimes you want to scoot out during the cooler months without having to buy all the miscellaneous bells and whistles associated with cold weather riding. That's where an outfit formula like this comes into play. No heated gear necessary, just lightweight layering and some smart material choices like the ones I talk about can keep you comfortable commuting at speeds up to about 50 mph.

The clothing I put together for this winter ride was for a 40 degree Fahrenheit day and less than 20 minutes out on the road, but it can definitely keep you toasty in temperatures closer to freezing and below.


It's important to note that your perceived temperature on the bike is a combination of the standing air temperature, the wind speed while you're stationary, and the added wind chill factor from your velocity on the bike. In order to understand how cold you'll really feel at different speeds, I've created this chart for you to compare outdoor temperature in degrees Fahrenheit against wind velocity in miles per hour: