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Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs | Meghan Stark

Colorado is nothing but scenic at every turn. I was fortunate enough to return just over a year after my first trip, this time for a wedding in Colorado Springs. The beginnings of fall were a beautiful backdrop for the mountain pathways and city streets. We hiked some simple routes around Garden of the Gods to start out our morning the day of the ceremony, taking advantage of the mild temperatures and clear skies.

Near the end of our trip, we had the opportunity to visit the Denver Botanic Gardens. Suddenly the weather that had been bouncing around high 70s for the majority of the week dropped to a temperature cold enough for snowfall. The flowers and trees were in full bloom or softening their colors for autumn, and they must have been shocked by the sudden ice. This made for beautiful photo opportunities, as fully opened, vibrant flowers were being weighed down by heavy wet snow.

Traveling through Colorado never ceases to be a special experience, and again on this trip we were lucky enough to enjoy the seasons in flux and the company of old friends.

Garden of the Gods | Meghan Stark

Red Path Garden of the Gods | Meghan Stark

Left Hand Brewing | Meghan Stark

Bar Exit | Meghan Stark

The Avengers | Meghan Stark

Garden of the Gods Open Road | Meghan Stark

Geo Greenhouse | Meghan Stark

Botanic Woodwork Denver Botanic Gardens | Meghan Stark

Hanging Hibiscus Denver Botanic Gardens

Japanese Snow Denver Botanic Gardens | Meghan Stark

Winter Rose | Meghan Stark


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