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Cuban Dreams

Updated: May 14, 2019

There’s a certain surreal air to Cuba. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the teeming plazas, or the avenues of perfectly kempt buildings next to crumbling ones. Things are both worn down and immaculate, from the people to the cars to the streets themselves. Downtown Havana was, of course, far more of a tourist destination than our first location in Santa Fe. Many more people spoke English and were excited to coerce us into their taxis.

We waded through endless isles of merchandize in Almacenes San Jose to find hidden gems of handmade goods, walked through the colorful districts and dodged vintage Japanese motorcycles and classic Fords and Chevrolets in the tight cobbled side streets. Almost every corner was overflowing with bustle and spectacle.

Our second home base was the Miramar neighborhood, just west of downtown. The house had a beautiful front patio, perfect for a private little cup (or three) of coffee and breakfast before jumping into the sites of Old Havana. We were across from a park and just down the street from a lively fruit stand and combo diner/car wash.

I had an amazing time in Cuba, there’s nothing quite like it. It was a beautiful opportunity to connect with the Cuban people, soak in the art and culture, and to get immersed in a place so different from my own experience.

The National Museum of Fine Arts, Cuba - Meghan Stark
The National Museum of Fine Arts, Cuba

Wooden Icons - Meghan Stark
Wooden puppets of historical figures in The National Museum of Fine Arts, Cuba

Maintenance - Meghan Stark
Maintenance worker with purple Vans

Vintage blue motorcycle with sidecar in Cuba
Vintage motorcycle with a blue sidecar

Basura - Meghan Stark
Crumbling building in New Havana; no echar basura

Groceries - Meghan Stark
A man pulls groceries up to his window

On Duty - Meghan Stark
Police on duty being followed by a stray dog

Trunk Shade - Meghan Stark
Cuban taxi cab driver sits in the shade of his pink car's trunk

Pink and Teal Apartments - Meghan Stark
Pink and teal apartments

Watch Dog - Meghan Stark
A dog keeps watch from the rooftop in Santa Fe, Cuba

Cafe de Cuba - Meghan Stark
Cafe de Cuba

Pink Balcony Views - Meghan Stark
Pink balcony views from a red convertible, man checks out the street

Vintage Blue Chevrolet - Meghan Stark
Vintage blue Chevrolet parked in Old Havana

Old Havana Balcony - Meghan Stark
Old Havana balcony

Teacup Figures - Meghan Stark
Surreal figures from a sculpture series in El Museo de Bellas Artes

Che Guevara - Meghan Stark
Che Guevara, "Hasta la victoria siempre."

My Gear

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens - Very flattering, affordable prime lens for portraits

JOBY GorillaPod - Great for stabilizing on the go

Wireless Remote - I've used this for self portraits!

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera Body (discontinued) - My camera is discontinued, but they've continued the Ti series. I love the articulating screen.


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