A “Dive” Coffee Shop Tour of Milwaukee

Is there anything to do in Milwaukee other than drink beer and watch sports? Yeah, you could always drink coffee and listen to speed metal.

While Wisconsin probably has more taverns per capita than Ireland, we also have our fair share of dive cafes. Being a digital nomad, the numerous coffee shops around town are my public office spaces, and I have a few favorites. Whether you just want an alternative to the barrage of coffee franchises or an offbeat place to pen your memoir, one of these places has a lumpy chair with your name on it.

Fuel Café Riverwest Wifi: * * * Roaster: Colectivo

This place is alternative. Thematically, it’s a retro motorcycle enthusiast’s delight (me), and atmospherically, it’s a catch all for many subcategories of boot clad, shaved head, tatted, thick rimmed-glasses people. The music is typically rapid-fire guitar riffs and a fair amount of yelling, so in my experience it’s unideal for a conference call (I’ve learned the hard way). However, the décor is a cool combination of hand painted salvage pieces, old photographs, and other odds and ends. It’s excellent for people watching, I haven’t had a bad cappuccino, and it’s fun to ride my Honda Rebel over there. Watch out, there’s no A/C, so if it’s particularly hot and humid, you’re going to want to get your order iced.

Rochambo Brady Street</