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Halloween in the Big Apple

Halloween in the Big Apple | Meghan Stark

Having a very close friend in the Greenpoint Historic District of Brooklyn, New York, I took the opportunity to spend six days re-immersing myself in NYC over my favorite holiday: Halloween.

I was excited about my reunion with what has possibly become my favorite city. It was heartwarming to be familiar with such a happening place, and to delve deeper into the sights, sounds, and diverse places to eat— all with the added bonus of occasionally being in costume. I don’t think I’ll ever have my fill of New York City, and hopefully it still needs more of me.

Major the Brussels Griffon | Meghan Stark

Brooklyn Stoop | Meghan Stark

Wonderland | Meghan Stark

Central Park Bench | Meghan Stark

Major the Brussels Griffon, Squire | Meghan Stark

Storm Coming | Meghan Stark

The Big Apple | Meghan Stark

Skeletal | Meghan Stark

MOMA Sand | Meghan Stark

MOMA Window | Meghan Stark


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