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Holiday Feasts

Holiday Feasts 2016 | Meghan Stark

It's not the holidays in my parent's household without a myriad of beautiful home cooked meals. My portion of preparation started in the afternoon on Christmas Eve (I'm sure everyone else started earlier), with my father and me making the trip to St. Paul's Fish Market in the Milwaukee Public Market. We collected the seven fishes for our new spin on the old Italian tradition and had some smoked salmon to snack on in the meantime. The seven fishes stew that evening had a follow up course of Penne pasta with my mother's homemade red sauce and meatballs from scratch. Christmas day dinner involved a new recipe introduced by my brother, accompanied by his handmade Ravioli.

The holidays are over, but I'm still working on finishing all of the clove cookies, sugar cookies, biscotti, and more from my generous friends and family. You can see a few snapshots from this season's celebrations below.

Milwaukee Fish Market | Meghan Stark

St. Paul's Christmas | Meghan Stark

Evergreen Pottery | Meghan Stark

Christmas Presents | Meghan Stark

Homemade Red Sauce | Meghan Stark

Italian Christmas Eve Dinner | Meghan Stark

Italian 7 Fishes Stew | Meghan Stark

Lacey | Meghan Stark

Chicken alla Romana | Meghan Stark

Christmas Tree Cappuccino | Meghan Stark


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