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Moto Vlogging

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

My next frontier in creative production has been the complicated task of video production. It's difficult enough to set up a camera, lighting, mic, and getting the focus right when recording yourself, but on top of that try doing it all while on a motorcycle!

I've spent my fair share of hours consuming moto-vlogging videos. While I do enjoy them, I always felt like there was some pretty essential storytelling missing. Considering the fact that you're on an exciting mode of transportation, why not take the viewers on a visual and emotional adventure? Many moto vlogs of today are stream of consciousness style, which I do appreciate once I get to know the rider. But I want a video to be interesting whether you're invested in me yet or not.

I've kept this goal in mind while recording and editing my three motorcycling vlogs I've made so far. Two in Milwaukee on my 2017 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer, and one in Los Angeles' Angel's Crest Highway on a 2011 Ducati Multistrada. Winter is rolling in brutally and relentlessly in Milwaukee, but I hope to continue to make little disruptions in the online motorcycling community.


Bell Qualifier →

Visor →

Chin Curtain →

Headphones w/ Mic →

Lapel Mic →

Wasabi extra GoPro batteries →

Removable chin mount →

Bell Moto 3 →

Moto 3 Goggles →

GoPro Hero 6 Black


If you're interested in how I've set up my helmet to capture audio and video while riding in a simple, cheap, easy to install and non-permanent way, check out my video below!


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