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Cheap + Removable motovlogging setup

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Have you ever wanted to motovlog but didn't want to invest tons of money into it or designate a helmet to having a GoPro mount on it 24/7? Being an economical person myself, and one who doesn't like permanently adhering things to costly helmets, I made it my mission to test out different inexpensive solutions to record video and audio commentary while on my bike. Watch the video below of me walking through the installation of my removable GoPro mount and wiring up my cheap, clear, and effective audio solution for recording my voice in my helmet while I ride. Now you can get secure and stable footage with any action camera.

Here is all of the equipment mentioned in this video, as well as some other handy mounts that I use regularly to capture awesome footage and motovlog on my YouTube channel.

Bell Qualifier →

Chin Curtain →

Headphones w/ Mic →

Wasabi extra GoPro batteries →

Removable chin mount →

GoPro Hero 6 Black →



Budget Action Camera →

Any of these items would make great gifts for the motorcyclist or motovlogger in your life. I use all of them regularly to get different and interesting shots.

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