My Favorite Podcasts

On the Road - New Mexico | Meghan Stark

Podcasts are pivotal to keeping me entertained, informed, and sane. Whether I’m coding, traveling, or doing things around the house, listening in on people’s insightful conversations is one of my favorite ways to use my time efficiently and learn something new along the way (without having to stare at another glowing screen). Here’s a brief list of some of the podcasts that I listen to religiously.

  1. The Friend Zone Franceska, Dustin Ross, Assante This podcasts delves into everything mental health and wellness. Each of the three hosts brings a different perspective to the week’s topic, and all are incredibly hilarious and well-informed. They dish out good energy all around, and I can’t make it through an episode without laughing out loud and gaining a new insight.

  2. The Minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus If you want to get your weekly reminder and tips on living minimally with your possessions, relationships, and time, tune in to The Minimalists podcast. The duo has given two widely watched TED Talks and continue to offer their minimalist lifestyle wisdom in their books, essays, documentary, and this very podcast.

  3. High and Mighty Jon Gabrus If you want to hear a stoned comedian invite guests over to his home office and talk about anything from conspiracy theories to gorditos, this is the Long Islander for you. Listen in on hilarious banter between him and his variety of guests in the entertainment industry and their strange topical specialties. Warning: Most of the comedy is completely irreverent and for mature audiences only (or really immature adults...)

  4. Ladies Who Lunch