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Portaits | Meghan Stark

I’ve taken immense pleasure the last few years in capturing human subjects. While sometimes things don’t go perfectly with the technical aspects of camera operation (mastering low light photography has been a challenge), the immediacy of portraiture is far more compelling than composing the perfect still shot of static objects.

Milwaukee Musicians Klassik and D'Amato Embrace at Rock the Green 2017

Despite sometimes creating grainy, shaky, or otherwise imperfect images, I’ve found that I have some decided strengths when it comes to photographing human beings. One being timing—I’m patient and attentive enough to get a raw, expressive moment. The second is composition—my background in design has informed my pursuit of shots with dynamic perspective and framing.

I like a variety in negative space, tension, proportion, and color. My goal is to treat individuals as such, and not to conform the photos to any portfolio I’m curating in my head. The images I’ve featured in this post are all so vastly different, but their underlying narrative is what I find the most compelling. I give my subjects almost no direction, so many of the shots are just me bearing witness to a real-life story in progress.

Colgate Searle III on Brimstone Island, Maine

I think a few important tenets of portraiture are dignity, respect, and a fair dash of love or admiration. None of these photos were commissioned, so there’s an absence of expectation and pretense. There are no professional models, only loved ones and friends thriving in their elements. It’s the network of creative and inspirational people that I feel so lucky to surround myself with.

Roll In: Joe Medora on his Custom Honda CX500 Cafe Racer Motorcycle

Down the line I’d like to push myself to work on more styled and formal portrait sessions, but for now I’m happy to show up and capture people living their authentic lives: humble, glamorous, gritty, and larger than life.

Karen Fischberg dancing at Bugsy's Back Alley Speakeasy

Michael Stark in the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

Brian Nusslock at Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

Dana Elyse Smith Singing at Rock the Green 2017

Drummer Will Rose filming a music video for Milwaukee musician Abby Jeanne


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