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Updated: May 22, 2018

All good things must end, and so goes my foray into pint sized cruisers. In April I sold my beloved 2007 Honda Rebel, my first street bike and the little machine that took me to Madison and back on an impromptu solo jaunt after having my license for just two weeks. While my days of Rebel rabble rousing are over, I’m opening up a new chapter in my motorcycle journey.

At the moment I’m still finding myself between bikes, which is at the same time infuriating and full of glorious potential. Luckily, I have a few friends with bikes to spare, and the weather has been inclement enough for me not to be shaking my fist at a clear blue sky and cursing my empty parking spot.

Before parting with the Rebel, I had the last hurrah over a beautiful weekend, zooming all around the east side and getting a few fun snaps at the Fazio’s murals. I’ll miss that sharp looking Honda, but I’m looking forward to the better handling and higher performance of other motorcycles. Stay tuned for the grand reveal of my next mighty steed!

Photos by Luke Urbanik

My Gear Boots: Steve Madden Charrie Combat Boot Sunglasses: Aviator Silver Mirror Sunglasses Fingerless Gloves: FREETOO Tactical Half Finger Gloves

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I'm Meghan Stark, a web developer and motorcycle enthusiast who resides and rides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I studied Graphic Design and Digital Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For more about me and a list of my publications, click here.


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