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Return to Brooklyn

I zipped over to NYC earlier this June just in time to experience a summertime heatwave. Bustling around the city in sunny 90+ degree weather is unideal for long walks in Central Park, but it was perfect for a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of art. I especially enjoyed the installation on the rooftop, featuring a conglomeration of surreal sculptures inspired by works in the permanent collection.

I was lucky enough to be taken to amazing contemporary artist Takeshi Miyakawa’s Brooklyn studio, filled to the brim with furniture, materials, miniatures, and oddities. It was humbling and inspiring to witness such a volume of work and breadth of creativity.

Despite not hitting any motorcycle events/shops, the impressive Brooklyn bike scene rumbled all around us, offering a new vintage gem at every other intersection. From Triumph to Harley to Honda, I think I saw a 20th century classic from just about every one of the iconic brands.

I had beautiful home cooked meals and enjoyed rooftop sunbathing on my favorite Greenpoint brownstone. Between countless iced coffees to keep up and keep cool, we braved the heat and took leisurely neighborhood walks. We even took an evening to explore Williamsburg, capping it off with adventurous cocktails at Hotel Delmano.

Modern Home | Meghan Stark

Bar | Meghan Stark

Takeshi Chair | Meghan Stark

Takeshi Models | Meghan Stark

Holdaphant - Colgate Searle | Meghan Stark

Outside the MET | Meghan Stark

Egypt in the MET | Meghan Stark

Hiero | Meghan Stark

Grimace: Armor at the MET | Meghan Stark

Straddle Statue | Meghan Stark

MET Roof | Meghan Stark

MET Ceiling | Meghan Stark

Manhattan Architecture | Meghan Stark

Queens Construction | Meghan Stark

Roebling Street | Meghan Stark

City Set | Meghan Stark

Bao Burg | Meghan Stark

Colgate Sketches | Meghan Stark

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