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Scrambler Ducati: Cafe Racer

Updated: May 17, 2018

Life has felt pretty charmed with the new 2017 Ducati Cafe Racer as my ride for the past two months. It’s taken me to coffee shops and concerts, brunch and beaches, lakefronts and late night parkways opening up just for me. I knew that owning these two wheels would turn heads, but my new bike has been not only a conversation starter, but a machine of a unique kind of empowerment.

It’s a pleasure to eyeball with a cappuccino in hand and mount any day; I’ve rolled through rain and shine unbothered (except by that hot, hot engine!).

I’m looking forward to continuing to connect with my Italian Stallion, exercising the range that this beast has to offer and pushing my abilities to new levels in the process. The Cafe Racer handles like a dream and is craving more curved highways and kinetic miles. It’s been the perfect match for me.

Photos by Luke Urbanik


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