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Seen & Heard: Great Lake Supply Co.

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

The "Watch for Cycles" embroidered tee in black
The "Watch for Cycles" embroidered tee in black

I'm so excited to announce that my new Great Lake Supply Co. collection made its global debut on Friday, June 5th. The designs are inspired by visibility, safety, and the zen of motorcycle riding— hence the name "Seen & Heard." From a wide open third eye to Coffee & Kevlar, each design was crafted by me and inspired by my city and the open road. I want people to watch for motorcycles and watch for their own spiritual awakening.

This has been over 3/4 of a year in the making, and I'm pretty proud of how it all turned out. With themes of movement, protection, and enlightenment, it taps into my favorite metaphysical aspects of riding. The "watch for cycles" open (third) eye is a reference to motorcycles as well as the cycles of life. We are constantly looping and moving forward.

You can shop all of the new designs now at Great Lake Supply Co.

Thanks for the support, and ride safe!


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