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Summer on Two Wheels

Summer on Two Wheels | Meghan Stark

Early April this year marked the beginning of my first riding season. I'm now hitting the streets after years of occasionally dirt biking in rural Wisconsin and soaking up the enthusiasm of my moto-centric family members. Motorcycles have been around me since I was a kid, and I’ve finally had a chance to take the reins on my iron horse destiny.

Nothing quite matches the pure bliss of cruising (or blazing) down Lincoln Memorial Drive on a sunny afternoon when the wind is just right for encouraging a few waves to roll across the lake. Riding along Brady Street on a Sunday morning, smelling all of those brunch aromas and breathing every bit of that fresh cool air. It wouldn’t be summertime if I didn’t fall in love at least once, and this time I’m in deep with my little Honda Rebel and the idea of upgrading to a cafe racer. I’ve chased the pavement all across Wisconsin this season on crotch rockets, cafes, and cruisers alike; and I’ve snapped a few pictures along the way.

Rain and Shine | Meghan Stark

Behind Bars | Meghan Stark

Stonewash | Meghan Stark

Honda CBR500r | Meghan Stark

Tracks | Meghan Stark

Thumbs Up | Meghan Stark

Bikes Featured: Custom Cafe Racer - Honda CX500, 2007 Honda Rebel (250cc), 2014 Honda CBR500R, Royal Enfield Continental GT


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