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What inspires me to design

One of my favorite designs from over the years of cooking up and rendering out graphics for Great Lake Supply Co. has been the Watch for Cycles eye (now available as an enamel pin). Inspired by a wide open third eye and road visibility for motorcycles, it encapsulates the whimsy and simplicity that I want to exude not just in my brand, but in my own life. It represents calculated risk, optimism, and adventure. It evokes clarity and awareness.

Meghan Stark in the Great Lake Supply Co. self-portrait flight suit tee
My band tee inspired motorcycle self-portrait tee

Graphic design has always been a huge passion for me, even outside of the role it plays in my work. I've loved poster art, typography, album covers, and more for as long as I can remember. Running Great Lake Supply Co. has given me a joyous outlet to create designs on my terms. There are no barriers between my inspiration and my execution.

Having variety in the work I do keeps me sharp and engaged. I can't imagine sticking to just one field of my work for even a month solid. There's never a week where I'm only developing Liquid code in Shopify, or a week just spent photo editing, or just making vectors in Adobe Illustrator, or just editing a video. Each day is a new occasion to be in service to the world through a rotation of my most loved and cultivated crafts, or to get in reps on a skill in development.

I remember listening to an episode of the Minimalists podcast in which their guest T.K. Coleman described success and fulfillment as a perpetual state of play. That has always resonated with me. And it has been a very worthwhile pursuit!


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