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A Spring Tour of Town

A Spring Tour of Town | Meghan Stark

Sometimes it takes hosting an out of town guest for the inspiration to be a tourist in your own city. At the end of March, I offered my guest a crash course in Meghan’s Milwaukee, featuring the highlight reel of Trinity Irish Pub, Royal Enfield, Milwaukee Public Library East, Iron Horse Hotel, Rochambo and Glorioso’s on Brady, Bugsy’s Speakeasy, Plaza Hotel brunch (especially the poutine), Pfister Hotel, and the Milwaukee Art Museum just in time for Art in Bloom. Not too bad for a weekend in the midwest.

Open Neon | Meghan Stark

Street View | Meghan Stark

Sunshine | Meghan Stark

Karen Dancing | Meghan Stark

Pfister Peacocks | Meghan Stark

Chihuly | Meghan Stark

Rochambo Upstairs | Meghan Stark

Clock Intersection | Meghan Stark

Wings Window | Meghan Stark


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