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Greenpoint Wanderings

In April my mother and I took a wonderful extended weekend in Brooklyn, her first ever time in New York City. While the weather was touch and go with rain and shine, we managed to do a fair amount of botanical, museum, and neighborhood wanderings. She was thoroughly impressed by the MET and the vastness of Manhattan, and less so by our experiences on the subway.

I saved my photography exercise for the last two days in the city, capturing images of the neighborhood odds and ends between book stores, bakeries, parks, and coffee shops. Below are a few images from those walks.

Faded Stop | Meghan Stark

Pink TV | Meghan Stark

Public Bath | Meghan Stark

Duck Feet | Meghan Stark

Where's Mom? | Meghan Stark

Sink Planter Greens | Meghan Stark

Shirt, Shoes | Meghan Stark

Orange Over | Meghan Stark

Mary Icon | Meghan Stark

Yellow Mercedes | Meghan Stark

Mustard & Vintage | Meghan Stark
Tiny Chair | Meghan Stark

Photo Op | Meghan Stark

My Gear

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens - Very flattering, affordable prime lens for portraits

JOBY GorillaPod - Great for stabilizing on the go

Wireless Remote - I've used this for self portraits!

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera Body (discontinued) - My camera is discontinued, but they've continued the Ti series. I love the articulating screen.


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