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Vinyls and Canals

Updated: May 10, 2018

Model Boat Amsterdam | Meghan Stark

A second batch of odds and ends from the picturesque city of Amsterdam. My nine day stay bounced from brilliant sunshine to cool rainy days, so I was privileged to get a wonderful range of weather for wandering and shooting and relaxing in quaint cafes. My host and I scoured record stores for uncommon finds and American classics, specifically Sir Douglas Quintet. From house boats to cathedrals, botanical sites and red lights; I absorbed it all.

Amsterdam LPs | Meghan Stark

Amsterdam Records | Meghan Stark

Inside Outside | Meghan Stark

Canal Dwelling | Meghan Stark

Window Cats | Meghan Stark

Rainbow Canals | Meghan Stark

Amsterdam Cafe Bar | Meghan Stark

Sex Palace | Meghan Stark

Cathedral Layers | Meghan Stark

Humid Branches | Meghan Stark

Soft Underside | Meghan Stark

Botanic Spiral | Meghan Stark


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